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The Pearce Law Group, P.C., was founded in September 2011 and is one of the most respected teams of lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our mission is to provide pre-eminent legal services for a variety of individuals and corporations.

Our Philosophy

Our team strives to minimize conflict and help clients cordially resolve their disputes whenever possible while ensuring that each client receives the attention and quality legal services they deserve. Each matter requires a comprehensive investigation and development of the operative facts and circumstances giving rise to the problem or dispute. Only then can we effectively strategize to resolve the matter though negotiation or litigation so as to best protect the interests of our clients. During this process, our goal is to provide our clients with straight forward advice and practical solutions to their legal problems. We do this by providing personalized services and attention to detail in each matter while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Connecting People with Business and the Law
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How We Are Different

The Pearce Law Group, P.C. will seek to ensure that every client will receive individualized attention regardless of the size or complexity of their matter(s).

Principles & Values

Our team of experienced South Carolina lawyers believe that client’s success determines our own. So we ensure both by collaborating with our clients to achieve goals.


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