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The appellate attorneys at The Pearce Law Group’s have represented clients in appeals before the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.
Representing a party at the trial court level is very different than presenting a party at the appellate court level. We have a proven track record at both.  At The Pearce Law Group, our clients have the advantage of a team of appellate attorneys that are able to ensure that issues are properly preserved for appeal at each phase of your case, should an appeal be necessary, and to seamlessly transition representation from the trial court level to the appellate court level. The Pearce Law Group is available to assist you, whether you need to appeal an adverse ruling or oppose an appeal of a ruling in your favor.
We are experienced and skilled appellate advocates. By critically analyzing the facts and law of the case, we develop and present the strongest possible arguments. We ensure the proper application of the law to your case and have experience with routine and novel appellate issues. Whether your appeal is in federal or state court, our appellate attorneys have the skill, experience and depth of knowledge to manage even the most difficult and complex appeal.
Although we primarily handle appeals of cases tried at the trial court level by members of our firm, we can assist you with appeals of cases tried by other firms. If your attorney does not have the time or experience to handle an appeal or you would like an objective analysis of your case, we can provide the assistance you require.
We can assist and counsel with:
  • Legal Research
  • Drafting compelling appellate briefs
  • Oral arguments

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Connect with our appeal attorneys for South Carolina cases. We will discuss your legal options for civil appeal. Contact the appeals lawyers at our South Carolina law firm (843) 839-3210.

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