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Corporate & Business Law

Corporate & Business Law

The Pearce Law Group, P.C. handles a variety of matters for small, medium and large businesses. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Formations and Maintenance
  • Shareholder / Member Relations
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Employment Matters
  • Non-compete Matters
  • Intellectual Property / Proprietary Information Matters
  • Insurance Coverage / Claim Matters
  • Tortious Interference / Unfair Competition Matters
  • Vendor / Supplier Disputes
  • Franchisor / Franchisee Disputes
  • Business / Customer Disputes
  • Transactional Matters Relating to Business Finances, Property Acquisition, Business Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Other Strategic Planning Matters Including Representation Before Local, State, and Federal Government Panels, Commissions, and Regulators

As a business grows, the more that business needs The Pearce Law Group, P.C.  in Myrtle Beach, S.C.  Corporate law is the backbone of your company’s operations within the State of South Carolina, the United States and perhaps beyond. Our attorneys can analyze, interpret, and implement complex corporate law and how it applies to your company’s operating means and methods.

The Pearce Law Group, P.C. can help your company establish its by-laws, operating agreements, board of directors’ operating rules, resolve conflicts with members and shareholders, or any other rules or practices that affect your corporation. The Pearce Law Group, P.C. helps keep corporate regulations and requirements from becoming burdens to your company’s daily operations and future growth by understanding all pertinent details of your business and applying the right legal solutions.

Corporate law is often called business law, and while there are subtle difference between the two, the terms can be interchangeable. Business law is a catch-all for handling customer service problems, resolving payment issues or settling disputes. Corporate law makes up the rules, regulations and South Carolina laws that control the operation of a corporation.

Either way, The Pearce Law Group, P.C. can assist your company with both its corporate and business law needs.


The Pearce Law Group, P.C. represents our landscape and erosion control contracting company and related entities on a wide variety of matters.  Regardless of the topic, the attorneys at The Pearce Law Group always work with us to achieve our goals while advising us of our legal rights and options every step of the way.
W.S., Construction Client and Business Owner In Gallivant’s Ferry, SC
The attorneys and staff at The Pearce Law Group were amazing to work with during my complex insurance coverage case involving our hotel property that suffered damages during a recent hurricane. They were responsive to my questions and concerns and worked hard on my behalf to reach a favorable result.
R.T., Business Client in Myrtle Beach, SC
Attorney Charles Jordan advises us on all legal matters for our business and has for almost two decades.  Attorney Jordan and the team at The Pearce Law Group, P.C. handle our transactional and litigation needs.  Their work is exceptional as is their dedication.  Their business acumen and legal expertise are unsurpassed.  We rely on The Pearce Law Group, P.C. to handle our legal matters so that we can concentrate on our business.
M.J., Commercial Construction Client in Myrtle Beach, SC

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