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Probate & Estate Planning Law

Probate & Estate Planning Law

The Pearce Law Group, P.C. can handle your probate and estate matters to include, but not limited to:

  • Drafting and Maintaining Wills
  • Power(s) of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives
  • Living Wills
  • Strategic planning of estates as related to real estate issues, business ownership transition, or matters related to special needs children or adults
  • Litigation services for all aspects of probate and estate planning matters
  • Trust and Fiduciary Matters

A common misperception exists that estate planning is only needed by individuals who are financially well-off. The Pearce Law Group, P.C. wants you to know estate planning should be important to everyone regardless of their financial station in life. A baseline estate planning package should include a last will and testament, a durable power of attorney form, and a desire for nature death / living will form.

Your estate plan and last will and testament sets how your assets will be preserved, managed and distributed after death. Your last will and testament tells those you left behind how you want those assets handled and distributed. Typical assets include your cars, stocks, artwork, life insurance, pensions, houses, jewelry and yes, your debt. You can direct these to your surviving spouse, children, grandchildren or charitable organizations.

Your durable power of attorney controls who can act on your behalf if you become incapacitated. In many instances, this document is equally important to your last will and testament as it appoints an agent to act on your behalf and make critical personal and business decisions for you while you recovery from an accident or illness.

Your desire for nature death / living will form is a statutorily recognized document that allows you to inform your loved ones how you want your end of live decisions handled. When addressed properly, desire for nature death / living will form can be on of the greatest ‘gifts’ you can give your loved one’s by providing them with clear directions as to your end of life medical care and providing them with the documentation to enforce those wishes with medical providers, other relatives, etc.

The Pearce Law Group, P.C. helps you organize your life by explaining to you the impact of each decision in your estate plan. We also work to ensure your estate plan complies with South Carolina laws if it was originally prepared in another state or country.

Keeping information update in your estate plan is of high importance. You should be in touch with your Pearce Law Group attorney anytime there is a major life milestone including births, deaths, divorce, marriage, job status, residence or changes in your net worth.

We understand most people can be overwhelmed the estate planning and probate process, that’s why your Pearce Law Group attorney takes their time to make sure you are comfortable with every decision made in our estate planning journey together.

If your estate planning needs are advanced in nature or involve tax planning concerns, The Pearce Law Group, P.C. maintains an active network of other highly qualified professionals and attorneys who can handle any level of estate planning.

The Pearce Law Group, P.C. also handles all types of estate probate matters, including litigation as required. Thus, its attorneys are uniquely positioned to handle any and all of your estate and probate legal needs.

Please contact us for more information or an initial consultation on your probate or estate planning matters.


“Recently had the opportunity to market an estate owned home that had its share of complications.  However,  myself  and The Pearce Law Group got the deal closed in record time including necessary probate court approvals.”
Lindsey Inman, Realty One Group Dockside
The legal advice and litigation support provided by The Pearce Law Group, P.C. and its attorneys was critical to helping us navigate some difficult and complex real estate and contract issues involving the start-up of our restaurant project. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the attorneys at The Pearce Law Group, P.C. as we now move in to the daily operations phase of this project.
R.H. & R.H., Restaurant Owners in Edisto Island, SC
We have been using The Pearce Law Group as our outside counsel for a number of years now.  Regardless of the issue or problem, the attorneys at The Pearce Law Group consistently provide excellent legal advice and are always there for us if and when we need them.  We also appreciate their practical knowledge and understanding of the contracting industry which always makes communicating with them and developing plans of action to solve our problems much quicker and easier from our perspective.
M.E., Commercial Contracting Client in Georgetown, SC

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